Receiving an Add Code if Waitlisted in an Online Class

If you are waitlisted for an online class, keep in mind the following:

  • Check your schedule regularly to keep track of your place on the waitlist. Learn how to look up your position on a waitlist. Or, see more waitlist strategies.
  • Waitlisted students will not be able to access the class until they add the class.
  • You can email your instructor and ask him or her to add you to the class. However, many instructors will not add students to a full online class. You will likely only receive an add code if they have enough space in the class for you. The decision to add a waitlisted student to an online class is entirely up to the instructor.
  • You can find your instructor's email address on your course schedule in mySierra. You can also find your teacher's email by clicking on the course's CRN in the Sierra College Class Schedule.
  • If you receive an add code for the class, be sure to add the class within the time frame given by the instructor.

If you do not get an add code from the instructor within the first week of the class, it is safe to assume that you will not be added to the class.


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